Honest Review Of The Best Car Code Reader

How Automend Pro, FIXD, and others compare

Are you looking for the very best car code reader that easily plugs into your OBD ii port (in all vehicles built after 1996) and diagnoses over 7,000 potential car problems? Our honest review will help you find the best. Our team of experts bought & tested some of 2021’s most popular car code readers. We found these to be the best. Despite their expertise, they admitted this top decision HARD to make because the competition for the best OBD II car reader is fierce. We hope this review helps guide you in your buying decision and potentially saves you thousands in car repairs…

Review Summary

Top Product: Automend Pro
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key Points:
✔️ Learn the diagnostic SECRETS that were previously known only to mechanics.
✔️ Works on all cars newer than 1996
✔️ See repair cost estimates BEFORE you visit a mechanic.
✔️ Find out WHY your check engine light is turning on.
✔️ Monitor your car in REAL TIME to predict and prevent any problems.


Automend Pro was very easy to use. Their phone app is amazing on all devices. We tested it on several generations of iPhone and my different Androids — including tablets. It even found some issues on our cars that we had no idea about.

Yasmeen G.
Yasmeen G.
Gatlinburg, TN
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I took my car to the mechanic for a problem. He lifted the hood for two seconds, wiped his brow, and said the repair would cost $600. You should have seen his face when I corrected him by telling him the EXACT part my car needed! Needless to say, I kept going to different shops until I found an honest mechanic. He told me the exact same thing that Automend Pro said, and my repair only cost $39!
Seth P.
Seth P.
San Bernardino, CA
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My car has always been fairly solid, but I always felt that I wasn’t getting the amount of gas mileage the car was capable of. I ran the Automend Pro and it told me about all of the little fixes and adjustments needed to get my car in tip-top shape. Now I’m getting better mileage than ever before, all thanks to Automend!
Thomas O.c
Thomas O.c
Santa Fe, NM
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My car had been running perfectly so I was surprised when Automend Pro discovered a problem. It detected a problem that eventually would have turned into a major, $1000 repair. But thanks to Automend Pro, I was able to stop the problem from ever happening in the first place!

Average User Rating: 4.9 / 5 – 4,927 Reviews


We weren’t impressed by the FIXD app, especially compared to Automend Pro. It looks and feels very high quality. It did find the same issues as Automend Pro so the functionality is the same, but it took us much longer to figure out how it works. 

Dallas, TX
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This is one of my favorite gadgets of all time. No more going to a shop to get the check engine codes checked and interpreted by someone else. It also alerted me while I was driving that I had two new codes. I drove immediately to the place I intended to get it repaired and the mechanic told me if I hadn’t brought it in when I did, I might have to pay for much more costly repairs and my car breaking down on me. The app is also constantly being updated and made better.
Michael P.
Michael P.
Newark, NJ
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We got the 2 sensors deal, so my wife and I could decipher that dreaded check-engine light. Although we ran into a few installation issues; thanks to timely, excellent and extraordinary technical support from Casey and Davis at FIXD, those issues quickly became a thing of the past. In summary, these guys are the bomb! I highly recommend FIXD.
April M.
April M.
Augusta, ME
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We bought 3 of them so we could monitor the wife’s and daughters car even when they are not at home. What a great product and well worth the money!! About time that someone used their head to market a product that is not only useful but gives the dad peace of mind and help with service reminders as well!!! Great job, guys!!!!!!

Average User Rating: 4.4 / 5 – 3,512 Reviews


Like FIXD, the app for Carly was hard to use. But, the difference is that Carly is VERY feature rich. It had in-depth functionality that Automend Pro and FIXD lacked. Only problem is that it’s not designed for the common person who isn’t acquainted with automotive terminology. If you’re great at working on your own car, this is a great tool for your garage.

Average User Rating: 4 / 5 – 2,912 Reviews

Our In Depth Review Of Automend Pro...

As we said earlier, all of the car code readers listed above are a great option to detect issues with your vehicle.  But, we determined that Automend Pro is the best, and here’s why…

We found out that Automend Pro is an extremely useful product that allowed us to find and detect over 7,000 potential issues with any car newer than 1996. Once an issue is found it gives me a repair estimate, preventing me from getting ripped off by mechanics.  But what made Automend Pro the best is how easy it is to use. 

Their free app worked perfectly on several different iPhones, Apple Tabels, and my a variety of Android phones and tablets. 

As an added bonus, Automend Pro can INCREASE your cars’ fuel efficiency to save you money on gas. You simply push a button on the app to get a boost in your MPG. It worked great for a team member’s Honda Accord!

It really worked! We found unknown issues with one car and were able to take it to a mechanic WITHOUT getting ripped off. 



Where is the best deal on Automend Pro?

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