Honest Review Of The Top Liquid Plastic And Super Glue Repair Tools

How Bondic, SpectroSeal, And 5SecondFix Compare

Marian Ward

Marian Ward

Investigative Journalist and Product Reviwer

Are you looking for the very best UV-curing liquid glue tool to replace your messy, outdated glue and offer AMAZING repairs? I bought & tested some of 2020’s most popular UV-curing glues. My honest review will help you find the best. I have to admit – this article was HARD to make because the competition for the best uv-curing repair tools is fierce. I hope this review helps guide you in your buying decision and potentially helps you fix your favorite, broken items…

Review Summary

Top Product: SpectroSeal
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key Points:
✔️ Easier to use than the competition.
✔️ Quick bonding for virtually anything you can think of.
✔️ Seals repairs on household objects in seconds using ultraviolet light.
✔️ Works on wood, stone, plastic, ceramic, metal, rubber, glass, and more.


I loved how easy SpectroSeal was to use. The design of the “siring” style glue dispenser allowed for extreme accuracy. I used it to fix a broken decoration that I’ve had since the 70’s and it turned out great! I could barely tell it had ever been broken. Plus, when I made a mess it was easy to wipe off before I used the UV-light on it. 

Yasmeen G.
Yasmeen G.
Gatlinburg, TN
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I’ve made so many repairs using my SpectroSeal I’m pretty sure I’ve saved myself at least a thousand bucks! From the power adapter for my computer to my broken pair of designer shades, this thing really does the trick.
Seth P.
Seth P.
San Bernardino, CA
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I always hated using super glue because the containers were so difficult to deal with. Every time I squeezed some out, I would end up with it all over the tips of my fingers, so then I’d have that crusty feeling because it’s so tough to wash off. SpectroSeal eliminates that. Goes on easy. I still can’t believe how fast it works!
Thomas O.c
Thomas O.c
Santa Fe, NM
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SpectroSeal should be in every jewelry maker’s toolbox! For the past few years, I’ve been selling my handmade earrings and necklaces at local artisan shows. This super pen is perfect for crafting my ideas and making quick repairs as needed.

Average User Rating: 4.9 / 5 – 4,927 Reviews


I wasn’t as impressed by Bondic as it was difficult to use. I have older hands and Bondic required me to squeeze the tube. I often failed to get the liquid plastic out or, when I did, it would come out sloppy. In terms of functionality, it worked very similar to SpectroSeal. Both of them left a strong, permanent bond on all of the materials I tested.

Dallas, TX
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I had some tabs broken off of a fairing for a motorcycle. I used this glue and it is so strong now. I even ran a couple fat beads on either side just for good measure. This stuff is an easy to use clear gel that stays put while applying and cures in seconds with the light. What was wet is now dry and hard. You can handle right away and it looks great. Put stuff back together on the fly.
Michael P.
Michael P.
Newark, NJ
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This stuff is simply amazing. I have used it to tie fishing flies, repair jewelry and multiple craft projects. Cures in 4 seconds. This stuff is workable until your ready to cure it. Wipes right off to start over. Love it. Got to be a top ten gadget of the year in my opinion.
April M.
April M.
Augusta, ME
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In the 2 months I have owned this I have found dozens of uses, from repairing a breathing mask to look like new and be stronger than originally, to repairing broken eyeglass frames to look as good and be as strong as new, to making an optical path and lens to bring an internal computer drive out through an enclosure to where I can see it.

Average User Rating: 4.4 / 5 – 3,512 Reviews


Like Bondic, I had a hard time squeezing the tube to get the liquid plastic out. The liquid plastic also had a pungent, gross smell. I was scared to get it on my skin from the scent. It did cure quickly and work on a variety of materials.

Average User Rating: 4 / 5 – 2,912 Reviews

My In Depth Review Of SpectroSeal...

As I said earlier, all of the uv-curing repair tools listed above are a great option to fix your most fragile or complex repairs.  But, I determined that SpectroSeal is the best, and here’s why…

I found out that SpectroSeal is an extremely useful product that allowed me to fix a variety of different materials with precision. When I made a mistake, I simply wiped it away as the glue doesn’t cure until the included UV light is shown on it.

It created strong, permanent bond  on all of the materials I tested (porcelain, wood, jewelry, phone cable, and plastic). But what made SpectroSeal truly stand out is how easy it is to use. The design is perfect for precision as  it is styled after a siring, as you can see in the top left of this picture…

As an added bonus, the glue that comes from SpectroSeal is CLEAR! I loved how I could barely tell I had repaired an object. And trust me, I’m no handyman or repair expert.

It really worked! I was able to fix older, fragile possessions (old porcelain) that I’ve had stored away and I fixed a broken charging cord without these repairs being obvious. Plus, it worked wonderfully on the other materials I tested.



Where is the best deal on SpectroSeal

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